Four Posters and A Pickle - The Ukulele Rock Opera

The Blatant Creation of Art and The Bristol Ukulele Club are about to perform again!!! See below for deets.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Woo hoo!!!! In the words of Difficult Ukulele Opera Song Number Two.

We rocked the Bed Workshop in no uncertain terms and here's a short film of edited highlights to prove it:

And now.... it'd be nice to do the show again sometime and somewhere and we'll look into that in various ways.

It would also be cool to do something new. We're cooking up something. Stand back and prepare....

In the meantime look out for the full length pickle film, coming to a vimeo screen near you, some time this summer!

Huge thanks to absolutely everyone involved. Thanks to everyone in the Bristol Uke Club, the Singers, the Bed Workshop and our audiences who succeeded in packing out the bed showroom without causing the floor to give way. 

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