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Monday, 12 December 2011

The Round Robin From Hell

The Round Robin From Hell
Dear Insert Name here, friend or relative
Apologies for the standard letter but that’s the way it is
This year’s been eventful and the only way to tell
Is to send the same thing to a bunch of people you don’t know as well
This year we’ll raise a toast to our health
As it wrinkles up its toes and falls off the shelf
The cat got rabies, the dog got shot, the gerbil got cancer
And I owe my life to a liver transplant from someone called Samantha
On top of that I stubbed my toe as well
Yours sincerely lots of love the Round Robin from hell
At this time of year it’s good to have the care of your family
Although I’m only assuming this because no one likes me
My daughter fell in love with a cage fighter called Jim
I disapproved, he broke my arms and now she’s married him
My work was annoying me and then it went bust
My bank was annoying me and then it went bust
They spent my pension and pay off on some city guy’s bonus
Now I can’t afford to pay the bills and that’s why you can’t phone us
And then I turned drugs and I’m under their spell
Yours sincerely love and kisses the Round Robin from hell
I have to sign off now before they lock me in my cell
I’m in prison or maybe hospital to be honest I can’t tell
I’ve got a crazy feeling that I did something wrong
Like burning down my house for insurance, or just murdering a song
Gonna pay for it with my life and my death as well
All yours, with smiley emoticons, the Round Robin from hell.

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